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All About Eczema In Babies

What’s The Cause Of The Itch?

If your baby is constantly crying and rubbing the skin, then you need to look for the presence of rashes on her/his skin. Sometimes the skin becomes red in the beginning and if not taken care of then it can lead to the issue of eczema in babies. In a worse situation, the red scars can even turn brown or purple. 

The case with eczema is that it causes more itching than rashes. A child gets irritated when something is not okay with his/her skin. You need to see the presence of any rashes on the skin of your child before making final decisions. 

Babies who are prone to eczema tend to have sensitive skin. The barrier on their skin is less and itchier. To counter the issue of itching, children tend to rub the skin for feeling relaxation. 

What Do You Need To Know About Eczema?

It is common for any child to develop the issue of eczema. Sometimes babies altogether get out of this issue on their own, while for some the symptoms tend to reduce with the passage of time. 

The paediatricians are of the view that there are as such no obvious reasons for a child to develop eczema. Another dermatologist is of the view that there could be some genetic factors responsible for the development of eczema in some children. In case one out of both parents carry the symptoms of eczema, that child is prone to develop the issue in their lives. On the other hand, there are some other children as well, who with no family history of eczema have developed the issue. 

If the cases of eczema are considered among adults, then only dry and rough skin tend to develop this issue more. But the skin is said to be differently treated in the case of infants. For children, itching is the start and the first symptom of eczema. 

It is also believed that the cause of eczema in children is not just due to any food allergy or any other triggering factor, it could also be due to internal condition of the skin which causes eczema to appear. The external factors could also be temperature or choice of clothing. You need to take care of the skin of the child which is pretty sensitive. 

Soothing Your Child:

If your child is rubbing the skin, then you need to keep his/her nails small. Also, give bath to the child with lukewarm water. Keep the baby in the water for some 10 minutes and gently dry the skin with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid using towel, because sometimes synthetic materials used in the composition of the towel can react to the skin of the baby. Then apply the ointment on the skin of the baby and pat dry.

Finding the Best Eczema solution:

  • You need to have the best possible solution for the issue of eczema in kids. Choose a cream that is thick in nature and can moisturize the skin. Creams are mainly a better option than lotions due to their lasting capability. 
  • You need to choose a fragrance-free cream that is not irritating to the skin.
  • Choose a baby balanced care cream for eczema

The article tends to highlight some essential information for all parents on eczema. It will help in making some wise decisions as far as the skin of your baby is concerned.