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Home baking the best birthday cakes


Birthdays are an important yearly milestones in everybody’s life. More often than not, these milestones are marked with the presence of a mouth-watering cake. Singapore has its fair share, and a bit more, of culinary cake shops like

But if you love baking, you might have thought of baking your special someone a birthday cake. Even if you hardly know your way around the kitchen and you want to still try your hand it, it is great news! Sometimes, home-made cakes come out all the more yummier than store-bought ones, maybe because it contains the love and efforts of someone who means a lot to you!

Home baked cakes have a special taste that just cannot be captured in the store-bought cakes! The whole fun of preparing one and then having that one piece of cake is totally worth it. This instruction provided by Dawn Perry is quite helpful if you are planning to have a birthday party with a homemade cake!

Your Guide to a Beautiful (and Delicious!) Cake

First step:

Choose a Cake Flavor

Once you settle on one of these two no-fail options, it’s time to pull out your baking pans. Each recipe provides enough batter for two 8- or 9-inch rounds for a layer cake, one 9-by-13-inch sheet cake, or 24 cupcakes.

Want to make a cake that looks as good as it tastes? It’s easy with Real Simple’s cake decorating techniques.

Second step:

Pick the Frosting

What’s a cake without the icing? The recipes below make enough to coat and fill either of the previous cake recipes.

Third step:

Special Fillings

Want to add another, er, layer of flavor? Try a delicious homemade filling in the middle.

Fourth step:

Top It Off With a Topping

Fifth step:

Add Some Finishing Touches

Sixth step:

Creative Cake Ideas

Seventh step:

Frostings and fillings: Refrigerate frosting in an airtight container for up to 1 week. (Bring to room temperature before using.) Refrigerate a filling for up to 2 days. (Note: The Fresh Strawberry Filling is good for just 6 hours.)

Eighth step:

Learn how to stack, ice, and decorate cakes. Read more here.

Just reading this recipe was enough for to get many drooling. For more information, you can

If you are busy and cannot bake a cake yourself or are not interested in baking one, you can design one and get that baked instead! I know, it is amazing! You can check out some design, come up with one yourself, or choose one from the options the cake shops offer you. Singapore has some great cake shops where they are ready to customize the cake with whatever you want.

Bloomsbury Bakers’s 3D cakes have made a name for themselves with their realistic and pleasing aesthetics. From minions to unicorns, you can make your cake to be anything that you want! Susucre’s cute designs and the delicious taste is why they are among Singapore’s top cake shops! They do customizations and they are fabulous! Monice Bakes was initially just a home bakery which grew so popular that it turned into a full-time business. You will find here not only cakes but also cookies and pastries. Baker’s Brew Studio has the city impressed with their flavors, customizations, and their dedication to work! The cake artists there are totally committed to getting you the cake of your dreams! Shirlytwirly specializes in flavor-of-the-season cakes. They also offer sugar-free cakes. These cheerful cakes are sure to brighten up any kid’s birthday! River Ash Bakery offer customized cakes are very popular among the Singaporeans! They keep coming up with themes and are always ready to oblige you if you have one in mind. This list by Sheralyn lists all the great cake shops in Singapore.


Best birthday cakes in Singapore|patisseries, cake shops and home bakers for parties

Once your kids have outgrown smash cakes and are ready for some proper birthday parties, they’ll be wanting an amazing birthday cake. If you’ve had enough of the ubiquitous black forest cake (bought in haste from the nearby chain store bakery) or balk at the idea of a BIY (bake-it-yourself), the answer is a customized cake decked out in your own original design and some cool cake art.

Cake art in Singapore has certainly been taken to a new level. Virtually anything is possible with fondant – mini Princess Elsas, large castles, Spongebob Squarepants characters and topsy-turvy designs are all brought to life thanks to these crafty cake makers. But, don’t forget that buttercream can also look pretty spectacular. Read on for our round-up of bakeries and patisseries in Singapore that offer customizable, cute, quirky and cool cake art worthy of that #cakestagram. We like to call this our Cake Hall of Fame… Read more here.

These cake shops in Singapore are indeed worth the money. They are reasonably priced, delicious, and make a visual treat!

Singapore has no shortage of dessert shops wanting to make you that perfect dream birthday cake. We have already seen how you can bake one at your home. If you are not interested in that and would like to order one, here goes another list for you to dig into. Singapore has indeed no lack of dessert shops. Take a look at this article by Little Steps Asia.

Best Birthday Cakes

Is it someone’s big day coming up? There are balloons, games, piñatas and entertainers to organize… and of course the all-important sweet treat topped with candles. ‘Stressed’ is ‘desserts’ spelled backwards, so why not leave the stirring, icing and baking to the experts. Keep it simple and outsource! Singapore has loads of options for Birthday Cakes from egg-free to gluten free, character cakes, affordable cakes and more.  Read on to have your cake and eat it too!

SALLY T CAKES – Gorgeous Theme Cakes

A firm favorite amongst the moms, Sally started this venture a couple of years ago. She makes all the cakes herself and will work with you to create something special for your loved one. Whether it’s a first birthday cake, a 40th for your hubby or a festive creation, she is sure to delight. Her Facebook pages is awash with her culinary delights so be sure to check her out.

E CREATIVE CAKES – Affordable Character Cakes

This website has a whole host of creations you can browse to whet your whistle and get you going if you’re stuck for ideas. Click on categories such as ‘1st Birthday’, ‘Sports/Games’, ‘3D Children’s cakes’ and more. Everything is neatly laid out and priced so you can see what you’re getting at a glance. It’s handy when you’re in a hurry.  They also make photo cakes – send them your photo, and they’ll put it on a cake! Read more here.

These are among Singapore’s most delicious cake and dessert shops.

In conclusion, if you are planning a birthday party for someone, you can either bake a cake yourself. There are some pretty good recipes out there on the internet. If not, you can always go to one of the so many cake shops available in Singapore. Most offer customizations, the flavor of your choice, and even a theme! What more do you want?

Wedgewood Designs

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Two Twisted Nuts

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