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Tips On How You Can Make Your Pregnancy Photoshoot Unique

pregnancy photoshoot hugging husband holding up ultrasound pictures in a garden

Treasure This Moment Of Your Life

  1. Involve your family members in the pregnancy photoshoot. 
  2. Make the pregnancy photoshoot a gender reveal moment. 
  3. Have an indoor and outdoor photoshoot.
  4. Shoot in your favourite locations. 
  5. Try different maternity photoshoot styles.
  6. Use baby props.
  7. Include your career or hobbies in the shots.  
  8. Consider home photography. 
  9. Make your maternity wear using wraps.

The pregnancy photoshoot is primarily about you, your baby, and your family. If you have any ideas on making the pregnancy photoshoot different, discuss them with your photographer. These are some of the tips you can consider. 

Involve Your Family Members in The Pregnancy Photoshoot. 

Although pregnancy photoshoots often centre on the parents and the baby, there is room for other family members. Your other family members are also excited about the coming baby, and you may choose to include them in your pregnancy photoshoot in Singapore.

Make The Pregnancy Photoshoot a Gender Reveal Moment. 

You can choose to make the pregnancy photoshoot more meaningful by using a backdrop that will reveal your baby’s gender. 

If you are taking photos in the studio, you can request the photographer to make the backdrop pink or blue. Make it obvious that when one sees the photos, they would know what you are having. 

If your photoshoot is taking place outdoors, you can still find ways to make it about the baby’s gender. Imagine what you would have done during your gender reveal, and incorporate those ideas in your pregnancy photoshoot in Singapore. 

Have An Indoor And Outdoor Photoshoot.

Although most pregnancy photoshoots are offered as indoor or outdoor sessions, there is no harm in doing both if you can. You will get the best of both sessions, from the natural outdoor lighting to different angles and portraits in the photo studio. A mix of both the outdoor and indoor photoshoot will not only offer unique perspectives, but your pregnancy glow will be different in both environments. 

Shoot in Your Favorite Locations. 

Instead of just choosing the best location for a pregnancy photoshoot, you can make the venue more meaningful. If you love the beach, then you can take photos there. If you love gardens, Singapore has plenty of options for that. You can also choose a sentimental venue. For example, you can use your wedding or first date venue as your preferred location. 

Try Different Maternity Photoshoot Styles. 

Pregnancy photoshoots have the advantage of incorporating different styles. Your dressing, formal or informal, gives different outlooks on the images. You can choose to wear a wrap and show your belly. 

You may opt for a milk bath maternity photoshoot. You can choose to take a photo at the beach with the sun setting on the horizon. All these styles add depth to your photos in different ways. 

Use Baby Props.

Baby props are a representation of the baby you are expecting. Although he or she is not yet here, you can use the shoes, clothes, baby cot, or doll you have bought as baby props in the photoshoot. 

Include Your Career or Hobbies in The Shots.  

You can give a glimpse of who you are, besides an expectant mother. One way to do this is to show what you do for a living. For example, a doctor can have a stethoscope in one of the shots. If you enjoy cycling, you can take a photo next to your bike. 

Consider Home Photography.

Instead of going out for the photoshoot, especially if you are physically unable to, why not opt for home photography? This is the place where you will raise your baby. Home photography is awesome because you can use your baby’s nursery as a backdrop. You can also take photos in some of your favourite spots in your home. 

Make You Maternity Wear Using Wraps. 

Some women avoid pregnancy photoshoots because they feel they don’t have what to wear, and the thought of going shopping puts them off the photoshoot. Fortunately, you can use wraps to make awesome maternity wear for the photoshoot. 

Even better, you get to pick your favourite colour instead of settling on the first nice maternity wear you come across. 


Pregnancy photoshoots do not have to follow a particular style or pattern. You don’t have to follow the trends if you don’t want to. You can make your maternity photoshoot uniquely yours. Your photographer can offer guidance if you have an idea but do not know how to bring it to life.